20 Pieces of Fatherly Advice That’ll Make You Want To Call Your Dad

Life is a wild, wild ride, and no one is able to get where they’re going alone. Many of us look to our fathers (whether they’re blood or chosen!) as a guiding force, laying down a foundation for a long, successful life. Second only to cheesy dad jokes, some of our most cherished conversations with our parents are centered around fatherly advice.

Upwards works with families in all 50 states, which means our community has some serious combined knowledge. We chatted with folks from all walks of life to hear what soundbite plays on loop in their heads, setting them on a clear course.

“Everyone is someone’s child. Treat others as you’d like your loved ones to be treated. No one is just a face in the crowd.” - Gabriel A., California

“If you’ve got a dollar, you’ve got enough to share!” -Eric A., Florida

“If it smells funny, it probably is.” -Diya M., Utah

“People will always disappoint you. It’s your choice whether to let it control you, or acknowledge no one is perfect and move on.” -Sarah C., Colorado

“A failed attempt is no big deal. Failing to attempt is.” -Jahi F., Washington DC

“It’s not worth trying to reason with unreasonable people.” -Micah S., Indiana

“Don’t burn bridges. Just don’t do it.” -Ben K., California

“Listen more, speak less.” -Naomi O., New Jersey

“Stop picking on your brother. He looks up to you.” -Amar R., Pennsylvania

“If you’re going to be a liar make sure that you have a good memory.” -Sitara T., New Hampshire

“Always offer help. Many people are too afraid to ask for it.” -Alejandra G., Iowa

“Buy cheap, pay twice.” -Obi, E., New York

“Things happen in three ways: cheaply, quickly, and well. You can only pick two at a time.” -Essie P., Oregon

“I won’t be there to help someday, which is why I’m being so hard on you right now.” -Mina C., South Dakota

“Everyone knows something you don’t. So quiet down, listen up, and learn.” -Megan W., New York

“Do not ever tell you that you can’t do something because you’re a girl.” -Kate C., California

“If you have a problem with everyone, you are the problem.” -Xochtil M., Arizona

“If you lend money to someone, don’t expect to be paid back. Only lend what you can afford to lose.” -Jessica W., Connecticut

“Be tolerant of everyone except the intolerant.” -Jose M., Texas

“Usually, people who demand the most respect, deserve it the least.” -Andrew S., Washington

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